Designed as the ultimate fixed blade EDC (every day carry), HICK EDC features modified clip point that handles detailed cutting tasks. Signature convex grind makes it an excellent slicer. Three and half finger handle is ergonomically sculpted to give the feel and the stability of a full handle, making it perform during every cutting tasks. 6.5" overall 3" blade.  

EDC Hunter

Most popular model of HICK lineup. EDC Hunter is an excellent skinner that is small enough to be carried on your person as an edc blade. Extremely comfortable handle is just long enough to accommodate all the fingers. The drop point and the leaf shaped blade gain superiority in side holding for skinning and backstrap removal during field dressing. 7"overall 3.25" blade. 

Chicken Hunter

Compact EDC knife and excellent back-up Hunting knife. It's pronounced belly allows this small blade to perform during field dressing. Despite it's name Chicken Hunter is capable of tackling a big job. 6" overall 3" blade. 


Originally designed as a back-up hunting knife, Sketto is also an excellent all-around utility/outdoor knife. 7.75" overall 3.25" blade. Sketto Mini 7"/3"


Smallest knife in the HICK lineup. Sidekick can be carried as a neck knife or stashed in your pack, purse or pocket as a backup blade. Comfortable two finger handle comes with a lanyard which can be held by the ring finger and the piny for stability. The lanyard is tied with beefy Snake Knot to give positive purchase when grasped. Curvature of the spine and the flat handle top accommodates the thumb which is placed directly over the cutting edge. Direct force transfer and the continuous belly curvature, as well as lanyard assisted two finger handle enable this small knife to handle heavier cutting tasks. 4" overall 2" blade. 

Double Arch EDC

Another dependable EDC. The ergonomic, three-and-half finger handle allows positive purchase on this small knife. Perfect EDC for the outdoor use where heavy cutting maybe required. 7" overall 3.25" blade. 


One-of-a-kind EDC that incorporates Japanese Tanto tip and traditional Japanese utility design, Kiridashi. Main bevel is a lean chisel-hollow grind which allows thick steel of this knife to have an extremely sharp cutting edge. Front part of the knife is finished in chisel-convex for strength and hard use. Edge of the steel is chamfered all the way to the front of the knife. This geometry strengthen the tip by stepping down the tip and distributing more steel around the point. Back end of the handle has a built in impact tool. The handle stores thirteen feet of paracord. 


Traditional Japanese utility knife with fine tip and chisel grind. Unlike typical kiridashis H.I.C.K.'s Kiridashi is made of corrosion resistant stainless and wrapped in paracord for increased comfort and traction. Comes with leather sheath with multiple attachment options. This knife is a good option for compact fixed blade EDC.