HICK Camper

All-around multi purpose field knife. The blade geometry becomes thiner towards the tip making the front end of the knife more suitable for slicing and food prep. Handle side of the blade has deeper convex, which can be used for heavier cutting tasks such as removing branches off the tree, or feathering wood. Ergonomic handle fits the hand like a glove. 8.5" overall 3.75" blade. 

Bird and Trout

Anglers' main blade. Bird and Trout is excellent for the chores around the camp and the preparation of your catch. Modified spear point and medium belly curvature for the ease of cleaning fish. Raised handle makes food prep more comfortable. Reset lanyard hole prevents the lanyard from interfering with the handle. 9.25" overall 4.5" blade. 


Smaller version of Kanaloa. 7" overall length. 3" blade.


The fillet knife that can be used for other tasks related to food prep. Eka medium: 10 overall, 5" blade. Eka large: 11.5" overall, 6.5" blade. 


Dive knife made with corrosion resistant stainless steel. Hollow pins are used to reduce the overall weight. Extremely sharp convex grind with serration on the spine for cutting rope and chumming fish. Ergonomic handle with thumb ramp combined with spear point tip is ideal for braining fish. Full tang construction enables the handle to be used as a signaling device while scuba diving. Comes with either belt carry sheath or arm/leg carry sheath. Stippling is available for some handle materials. 9" overall, 4.25" blade.


Dependable companion in the backcountry. Menehune's blade mass is distributed towards the front, allowing the user to swing the knife easily to clear small branches and chop into a log. Added choil section is for a choke up hold for delicate cutting tasks such as feathering a stick. Reset lanyard hole prevents the leash from getting in the way of the grip. Exposed tang can be used as an impact tool. Blade length: 6.75" Overall length: 12.5".

Salty Dog

Designed for the fishermen on boat to cut up bait and process fish. Salty Dog’s ZFiNit nitrogen steel is remarkably resistant to corrosion. This knife can also be used for a variety of tasks such as cutting pineapples and slicing meat. Exceptionally stable grip of the handle is accompanied by the reset lanyard hole for tethering. 6” blade, 11 3/8” overall.