EDC Hunter

The most popular model of HICK lineup. EDC Hunter is an excellent skinner that is small enough to be carried on your person as an edc blade. Extremely comfortable handle is just long enough to accommodate all fingers. Butt end of the handle is tapered to relieve excess pressure on the outside of the pinky, making it easier to change between different holding positions.Leaf shaped blade consists of drop point tip, efficient bevel angle and belly curvature ideal for skinning game.  7"overall 3.25" blade. 

Drop Point Hunter

Well balanced full size hunting knife. Ergonomic handle incorporates the pronounced finger guard for added security. 8.5"overall 4" blade.  

Classic Hunter

Simple, yet extremely efficient hunting knife. Classic Hunter's tapered handle end accommodates various holding positions with ease. For those who hunts often this knife will feel like the extension of your body. 8.25"overall 4" blade


Drop point blade and ergonomic handle is accompanied by a finger choil which accommodates the middle finger for side holding positions during backstrap removal. Same blade length as Drop Point Hunter and Classic Hunter but Kamapua'a has more 'reach' because of the added choil section. Excellent knife for dressing large game animals. 9" overall 4" blade


Designed for the local hog hunters, this blade is perfect for dispatching game in the field. The blade is long enough to reach the vitals. Highly contoured handle allows solid grip, as well as the integrated guard that protects the hand from slipping forward while thrusting. The center line of the handle extends to the tip of the blade, which means efficient and stable force transfer while stabbing. To increase the efficiency while skinning, the blade has a slight recurve which increases the belly portion of the cutting edge. 11" overall, 5.5" blade. 


Continuous belly line and the drop point tip makes 'Io an excellent skinner. The blade of choice when your objective is to quickly skin and quarter the meat and bring them back to the cooler. 7.75" overall 3.75" blade.

Chicken Hunter

Compact EDC knife and excellent back-up Hunting knife. Pronounced belly line allows this small blade to perform during field dressing. Despite it's name Chicken Hunter is capable of tackling a big job. 6" overall 3" blade. 

Sketto/Sketto Mini

Engineered as a back-up hunting knife, Sketto is also an excellent all-around utility knife. Straight blade spine carries through the handle in a simple design. User will find this knife simple and intuitive to use. Torpedo shaped handle accommodates various holding positions comfortably. 7.75" overall, 3.1" blade. Sketto Mini 7" aol, 2.8" blade.


A full size hunting knife with a handle that can accommodate extra large hands. Upswept belly line adds to its skinning ability, while the geometry of the spine keeps the tip inline with the handle for detail work. 9.25" overall, 4.25" blade.


Full size hunting knife with upswept belly line. Trapper is an all-round hunting knife that excels in skinning. Spay point prevents the blade from cutting into the flesh when opening the hide. 9" overall, 4.5" blade.