HICK Sashimi and Takohikoi knife has extremely sharp convex-chisel grind. This blade geometry is ideal for precise cuts of delicate items, such as sashimi. Long slender blade is designed to slice through the subject with a single stroke. Asymmetrical grind allows the user to see clearly where (s)he makes a cut, and severed end to separate from the blade easily. Convex-chisel grind increases the knife's ability as a slicer. Its untraditional full-tang construction greatly increases durability. Available in two sizes: 10" blade & 12" blade (16"&19.75" overall length).


HICK Chef knives come in two sizes, 7" and 8". Signature convex grind reduces cutting resistance and has less tendency for the food to stick. Balanced for pinch hold, front groove allows the knife to sit securely in the hand even when held loosely. 12.5"/13.25" overall 7.25"/8.25" blade

Paring Knife

Perfect for paring and around the kitchen tasks, HICK Paring Knife is comfortable in side holding positions. Asymmetrical hollow/flat grind makes the sharp edge that catches well. 7" overall 3.25" blade.

Breakfast Knife

Extremely sharp butter knife. HICK signature convex-chisel grind makes this knife both spreader and slicer. One side of the blade is flat to be used as a spreader while the other side has a convexed bevel for slicing. You can cut an avocado and scoop the inside, slice a baguette and spread the butter, peel an apple and scoop some peanut butter. One of a kind knife with many uses. 8.25" overall 4.25" blade.

Kitchen Rebel

Small multi-purpose kitchen knife. Comfortable, ergonomic handle fills the hand when grasped. This allows the user to apply the pressure easily when cutting harder material. Wide blade geometry gives knuckle clearance and improves it's lateral strength. The handle is tapered towards the front to allow clearance for pinch holding positions. Full-height convex grind is ideal for slicing. 9.75" overall, 5" blade.


Fillet knife that can be used for other tasks related to food prep. Eka has rigid blade and enough knucle clearance to perform multiple cutting tasks such as chopping, slicing, carving and peeling. Lean clip point is ideal for penetrating the sking of a fish. Pronounced belly line near the tip glides along the bones while filleting. Straight segment towards the hilt aids in the removal of the skin. Full-height convex grind. Eka medium: 10 overall, 5" blade. Eka large: 11.5" overall,6.5" blade.


Ulu is a multi-purpouse knife traditionally used by the native people of Alaska. You can use this knife for wide variety of tasks from food prep, utility, to field dressing. H.I.C.K.'s Ulu stores huge blade length in a compact package. Continuous courvature of the blade and full-height convex grind makes our Ulu an outstanding slicer when used properly. Position of the handle directly above the cutting edge enables extremely efficient force transfer. The handle is contoured towards the neck of the ulu to accommodate multiple holding positions comfortably. Blade length: 7.75". Height: 5.25". Cutting Edge: 8.5"


Heavy duty cleaver for cutting up fish, chopping chickens, etc... Blade length: 7". Overall length: 12.5"


Vegetable knife with a slight rocker that allows good contact with a cutting board. Forward balance assists chopping. Rounded tip allows the user to rock the blade without lifting it completely off the cutting board. Blade length: 6.5". Overall length: 11.75"

Hiko Ito Custom Knives

Hiko Ito Custom Knives

Hiko Ito Custom Knives


Deba is a Japanese style fillet knife with single bevel and thick steel. The bevel is used as a guide to set the edge and make a clean cut along the bones. This is a heavy duty knife that can handle severing the spine of the fish to remove the head. Deba is also useful for cutting meat or poultry. 12" overall, 6" blade. 


Compact and extremely versatile cutting tool. Inherent problem in making a small size ulu is loss of blade height and cutting clearance. Ulito solves this problem with asymmetrical blade geometry. The user will enjoy the ease of handling this knife and vast variety of applications. Blade length: 6.5" Height: 3.25" Cutting Edge: 7"



All-around kitchen knife especially suited for cutting vegetables. Santoku’s shallow rocker maximizes blade contact with a cutting board while maintaining enough blade curvature to be an efficient slicer. Shallow convex grind and thin edge slices through the ingredients. Ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable and secure pinch hold position. 7.25” blade. 12.5” overall.

Hiko Ito Custom Knives Hawaii
Hiko Ito Custom Knives Hawaii
Hiko Ito Custom Knives Hawaii